Home Isolation: A Message to Our Champions!

Health and wellbeing is on everyone's mind right now!

More than ever it’s important to take care of yourself. Staying active at home and at school is tremendously beneficial for your mind, your body and your emotional & physical resilience.

With the possibility of many schools facing extended holidays or short term closures, Champion Life is encouraging you to remain positive. It’s a big challenge, we know, but we also know that one of the most powerful vessels to keeping healthy and happy is through moderate activity and exercise. Champion Life makes that easy and FUN!
Supporting students to be physically active and aware of their mental state during potential home isolation periods and beyond is vitally important. Champion Life is committed to supporting students over the coming, potentially tumultuous, months.
Champion Life supports schools with quality curriculum-aligned content that encourages students to stay active, improve their wellbeing and develop positive mental health and coping strategies.

Our online content is available anywhere there is wifi - both at school and at home and we are strongly encouraging our students to check-in using the ‘wellbeing monitor’ before and after their physical activities.

The absolute majority of students report a better emotional mood after their activity, evidence of the link between physical health and mental health - a powerful tool that grants students the ability to deal with fear, anxiety and many other challenges they face every day.

With the current COVID-19 Pandemic in effect, Champion Life is asking teachers, at home or at school, to engage with their students through the platform as well via the teacher dashboard, to view student-created content and monitor their self reported wellbeing check-ins.

Interested to learn more about Champion Life and how your school can get involved?

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