About Champion Life

At Champion Life, we want to help schools create vibrant learning environments, where students can realise their own potential and make a positive contribution to their community.

We set out to empower students around the world to become more active, engaged and educated about their wellbeing. Now, we’re proudly delivering on this promise, helping to shape stronger, more confident children.

“As a social enterprise, our mission is to make a long-term, positive impact on the mental and physical health of young people.” — Kym Hunter, Founder and Managing Director

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Wellbeing is the foundation of a positive life

We know schools play a critical role in supporting the health and wellbeing of students. Nurturing student wellbeing in a supportive and inclusive school environment can help children become confident, resilient lifelong learners.

As a teacher or school leader, you want your students to feel safe and happy during their time at school. But it can be difficult to integrate activities and a wellbeing culture while maintaining your existing workload.

Easily bring movement into the classroom

Champion Life is a digital platform designed to help schools easily support student wellbeing. It’s a web-based platform that teaches students how to become physically active and engaged, at school and at home.

By combining movement, mentoring and monitoring, Champion Life helps increase focus and motivation for learning, build confidence and improve classroom behaviour.

What a CHAMP!

At Champion Life, we believe that getting involved should be celebrated. Champion Life isn’t about comparisons or competition. Just by giving it a go, every student becomes a champion.

Backed by an expert team

Our team draws on a range of expertise to ensure Champion Life is relevant, reliable and practical for use in a busy school environment.

We engage specialists in sports science, health and physical education, and creative movement to develop our curriculum-aligned content. We also employ professionals in the fields of information technology, web development, filmmaking, business development and education sector sales.

Our combined skills have produced a platform that’s intuitive and easy to use, with resources perfectly tailored to the needs of teachers and students.


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Student security

We value the privacy of our clients and their student community. All content on the Champion Life site, including submitted videos, is stored securely on Australian servers and accessible only to the student and their teacher(s) via secure login. Only the individual child and their teacher can view the individual student’s videos in the Champion Life program, and teachers can delete any inappropriate videos and suspend accounts.

Child Safe Policy

Safety is central to student wellbeing.

The Champion Life Child Safe Policy may be downloaded here.

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