Champion Life is a for purpose business founded by Kym Hunter.  Kym is the mother of 4 children and is passionate about the importance of health, fitness and motivation in living a happy and fulfilling life. 

Champion Life is an online resource for schools that motivates and supports young Australians to form lifelong health and fitness habits.  Champion Life also works by making healthy habits a game - but in a way that is aligned to the national HPE curriculum and delivered on video by positive role models that children look up to.  

The Champion Life online platform was created in partnership with Engage Research Lab, the University of the Sunshine Coast’s Serious Games Design Team and content was developed by HPE educators and classroom teachers as well as fitness, health and wellbeing experts.

The Champion Life schools resource comes in two parts:

  • An Intensive HPE Engagement Program for the middle years (4,5 & 6 in primary schools):  In this resource students watch a role model complete an activity and then practice and upload their own version.  This is also providing cross curricular outcomes in Numeracy, Literacy and IT, presentation and communication skills and contributing to overall wellbeing of the school community.
  • “Body Breaks”: Body Breaks are daily videos that are curriculum aligned for each year from Prep to Year 6.  They are 90 second to 3 minute activity breaks, delivered by role models and followed by a motivational tip relating to fitness, health and wellbeing.  Body Breaks contribute to increasing the daily physical activity of students and there is extensive research evidence that a brief physical activity break helps students stay on task and learn more effectively.  

This short video explains what Champion Life is all about!

See Champion Life in action and hear about the benefits to students and teachers.:



Our team

Kym Hunter - Managing Director

An interest in all things health and fitness led Kym to become a qualified aerobics instructor at the age of 14. By 17 she was working as a personal trainer for Government wellness programs in Canberra.

Her interest in sport and passion for high performance led Kym to complete a Bachelor of Sports Science at the University of Canberra. She then scored her dream job of working at the Australian Institute of Sport’s Science and Medicine department where she supported the performance of Australia’s elite athletes.

Looking for new challenges after the births of her first two children Kym embarked on a major career change enabling a balance of career and family. For the past 14 years Kym has managed keynote speakers, focusing on building the international speaking career of Brennon Dowrick. Kym also developed and runs corporate health and fitness program Performance Max. As the child of two teachers Kym has always appreciated the incredible and challenging role played by teachers in the development of children.

Kym was inspired to create Champion LIfe to support teachers and families in empowering teens across Australia develop health literacy to allow them to enjoy the benefits of having health and fitness as habits for life.

Nick Jenkins - Director of Partnerships

Stemming from a professional rugby league career spanning over a 10 year period, representing Western Australia in water polo, surf life saving and longboard surfing, Nick’s passion for success was undeniable.

This passion was evident in his 21 year teaching career that included several posts in Australia and overseas. Commencing his career a as primary classroom teacher he gained great knowledge in the curriculum and the needs of students from a pre-school age.

Always destined for an educational leadership role, Nick spent the last 17 years with Mandurah Catholic College as the Director of Sport, responsible for 1700 students in a K -12 role. Nick went on to develop the sports programme, at the College, that is now renowned nation-wide and is one the leading sports schools in Australia. 

Nick’s knowledge in secondary physical, health education and sport won him multiple educational awards, highlighting his dedication, commitment and innovation in leadership.

Student security

All content on the Champion Life site, including submitted videos, is stored securely on Australian servers and accessible only to the student and their teacher(s) via secure login.  Only the individual child and their teacher can view the individual student’s videos in the Champion Life program, and teachers can delete any inappropriate videos and suspend accounts.

We host our videos on servers owned by Acquia, a company trusted by governments, universities and industry leaders in the technology sector.

"What you have to do and the way you have to do it is incredibly simple. Whether you are willing to do it, that's another matter."
Peter F. Drucker