Supporting and improving whole school wellbeing with a resource that is tailored to your school's needs.

Champion Life is an Australian developed online physical activity, health and wellbeing engagement resource for schools, fully aligned with international curriculums.

Designed to complement and enhance schools' own programs and deliver cross curricular outcomes, Champion Life is built on a foundation of content delivered by a diverse range of real-life role models to educate and inspire students to explore, discover and experience how to enhance their own and others' health and wellbeing.


Champion Life consists of 3 key elements that can be combined in various formats to deliver the best outcome for your school's overall wellbeing. 


Body Sets
  • 90 second to 3 minute, in-class video activity breaks led by our role models that conclude with a positive life message relating to mental health, physical health or wellbeing.
  • Body Sets energize or calm students at a time chosen by the teacher throughout the day.

*Available for all year levels

  • Our "real-life" role models deliver a variety of Challenges (physical, health, mental, social and emotional)
  • Students provide evidence of their learning experience by practicing, videoing and uploading their own version of the Challenge
  • Students are rewarded with achievement points and positive life messages from our role models

*Available for yrs 4 - 7

Wellbeing Monitor
  • Students check into our emoji wellbeing monitor prior to, and after their Challenges or Body Sets
  • This presents teachers with an overview of students' self-reported emotional status that is mapped over time and summarised for teachers each week.
  • Automatic alerts are sent to teachers when poor wellbeing is reported.

*Available for years 4 - 12 in combination with Challenges or Body Sets


Secondary program

A combination of Body Sets & Wellbeing Monitor.

Champion Life's secondary program is designed to:

  • Increase the number of minutes of physical activity in a student's day
  • Develop students' health and skill-related fitness
  • Allow students to experience the positive effect of physical activity on wellbeing
  • Expose students to inspirational role models delivering positive life messages
  • Develop students' self-awareness and establish a pattern of regular self-assessment
  • Provide students with a simple help-seeking tool

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Student security

All content on the Champion Life site, including submitted videos, is stored securely on Australian servers and accessible only to the student and their teacher(s) via secure login.  Only the individual child and their teacher can view the individual student’s videos in the Champion Life program, and teachers can delete any inappropriate videos and suspend accounts.

We host our videos on servers owned by Acquia, a company trusted by governments, universities and industry leaders in the technology sector.

Partners & Sponsors

Australian Government

This project is supported by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science through a commercialisation grant as part of the Entrepreneurs' Programme.

Sport Australia

Champion Life Education is proud to be an official delivery partner of Sport Australia's Sporting Schools Exemplary School Pilot Program.