Coach by Champion Life: Agility in Exceptional Circumstances

In response to growing concerns about how fitness and sporting professionals will continue to deliver high-quality services during home isolation, Champion Life Education is offering our intuitive and secure platform to host and deliver content through our new product - Coach by Champion Life. There’s a whole chapter in the fitness world dedicated to ‘agility’ training, the ability to pivot quickly on one’s feet, change direction smoothly while maintaining momentum. Agility training is fundamental to a balanced exercise regime - it’s also a truckload of fun. Similarly, agility is a practice that, as an emerging social enterprise, we need to incorporate into our core philosophy. Borrowing the same principles as the ‘on-field’ version, agility is often touted across the business world as a necessary approach to pivot and cater to new or unidentified opportunities. Maintaining momentum while approaching new possibilities and pivoting accordingly. In the spirit of agility, Champion Life is proud to be able to offer the sporting and physical activity community at large “Coach by Champion Life”. What is Coach? Champion Life is built on leading-edge technology that allows video-based physical activity and skills content to be shared through our platform. Participants watch the activity, practice and then upload their own response video for each set activity. You’ll be able to monitor progress and get confirmation that the activities you set are being completed. Additionally, you can follow up by providing individual feedback. Coach by Champion Life also features a pre and post-activity wellbeing check, highlighting the link between physical activity and mental health. Champion Life is more than “just that” but its core technology; the method of publishing training content to users, performing training to the expected level and providing feedback is widely applicable. It’s a good fit for almost every sports, training and wellbeing community sector… and it’s scalable. Capable of handling 1000s of users, from large football clubs with elite athletes and coaching staff to local yoga studios with part-time coaches. Coach by Champion Life allows a plethora of sporting clubs, gyms and training studios to continue during the home isolation period and bolster their own offering. This helps demonstrate the organisation’s agility and commitment to their communities. What does this mean for Champion Life? Champion Life at its core remains a curriculum-aligned education resource aimed at improving the wellbeing of school students both physically and emotionally. This remains our focus and we stay 100% committed to this end. However, we have inadvertently created this powerful tool that can be applied to the larger coaching, training, fitness and wellbeing industries - especially in times when social distancing/isolation are in effect. If Champion Life can pivot and offer a service to an industry sector that encourages wellbeing on all levels, we see that as only a good thing and invite any interested parties to get in touch and explore how we can work together. Coach by Champion Life will better position businesses that previously relied on face-to-face contact for coaching and training; allowing them to maintain a clientele, team, or community that recent legislative changes have prohibited. Not only can sessions be run online, but we have also created a means to provide feedback and monitor wellbeing. Coach by Champion Life provides you with the ability to keep performing at your highest standard, even in the most difficult times. If you’d like to help ensure the continuation and wellbeing of your community, learn more and reach out to us below.