What is Coach by Champion Life?

If you or your organisation usually deliver group classes, coaching or manage teams the current times are exceptionally challenging for both you and your members. Champion Life has a tailored solution to enable you to support your members’ physical activity and skill growth from home and help keep you supporting your community.

Coach by Champion Life is a one to one content delivery system specifically designed for physical activity which gives you video proof of your members’ progress. This allows you to provide personalised coaching through the platform for every participant for the duration of the program.

Coach by Champion Life features include:

    Your videos demonstrate the activity and your members upload their own video response for you to review.
  • Secure Participant Video Storage
    No one but you and each individual participant can see their uploaded video content. Champion Life is a program originally designed to host student data in schools. As such, it is hosted on a secure platform used by educational institutions and the Australian government, chosen for its security.
  • Individual feedback function
    Respond to each member to keep your community active, engaged and supported. 
  • Wellbeing Check Ins
    Members check into our Wellbeing Monitor before and after each activity. This will give you a weekly overview of their self reported mental health. You can reach out for a chat if needed or refer them to external resources for extra support. 

Who can create and deliver content through Coach by Champion Life?

  • National Sporting Organisations (NSO’s) and affiliated clubs
  • Gyms and yoga studios
  • Exercise Physiologists & Personal trainers


How does it work?

  • Be Challenged

  • Practice & Upload

  • Be Rewarded

  • Improve Wellbeing

  • See Benefits for All

1. You create video content for a 2, 4 or 6 week program to fit the format of our platform.
3 Challenges per week. Each Challenge has two parts. 
Base - The main activity to be learned
Extension - Extend the learning with a more challenging lesson to follow on from the first

2. Your students watch, practice and upload their response to each of your Challenges.

3. You watch and respond to their videos to complete the learning loop!

Coach by Champion Life allows me to SAFELY keep delivering my content to my young clients around Australia; it’s a MASSIVE bonus that I can review their videos, relating with them both from a coaching perspective and for human connection at a time in this world when they most need support from their outer community circle

Stacey Umeh, 
Artistry Training specialist, The Creative Movement Group



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