Everyday Social & Emotional Learning

Over two decades ago, the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) developed the framework for social and emotional learning (SEL). The importance of holistic learning which encompasses academic education in addition to learning focused on developing healthy identities and recognising emotions is now seen as paramount. As a result, state governments across Australia are developing strategies for the implementation of SEL into the curriculum. 

Adopting SEL practices can be challenging; not only do teachers need to be upskilled with the capacity to promote SEL, but it can also be difficult to implement into a curriculum that is already quite demanding on teachers’ time. Thankfully, tools like Champion Life can assist with implementing SEL learning seamlessly into classroom activities without placing unrealistic demands on teachers. 

A foundation element of Champion Life is video activity and learning content delivered by relatable community role models through which we foster a community-based style of learning. Diverse role models are selected from a variety of backgrounds. We demonstrate to students that physical and emotional health is part of a holistic wellbeing framework that has been adopted by a variety of community members. Our role model led guided activity challenges aim to engage students by combining physical activity (and its well-documented benefits to mental wellbeing) with educational snippets specifically designed to engage with the broad categories of SEL defined by CASEL. 

Champion Life promotes self-awareness and self-management by ensuring user-driven learning opportunities. We firmly believe that it’s not enough just to tell students that physical activity leads to greater overall wellbeing - kids are far more likely to adopt behaviours when they can experience the benefits themselves. For this reason, we provide a framework that empowers students to be physically active while being provided with the resources to recognise emotional changes. One way we accomplish this is through our wellbeing monitor - an emoji based scale specifically tailored to students. By asking our participants to “check-in” with how they’re feeling both before and after activity, we aim to easily provide them with the tools to recognise how exercise makes them feel. By reinforcing this positive correlation, we empower children with an intrinsic motivation to be physically and mentally healthy.

Additionally, we have specifically tailored our role-model directed learning to equip students with other aspects of SEL. During the course of our engaging activities, our role models offer personalised tips which speak from their experience and aim to connect with students across a variety of fields. We have made a specific effort to include tips that relate to social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making. Through delivering these tips via inspirational role models, we have determined that students are much more likely to engage with the material than they might be in traditional classroom programs. 

Champion Life is far more than just a program for physical activity or wellbeing education. Through our specifically selected role models and engaging content, we have created a platform that allows teachers to seamlessly integrate education on lifelong skills into the classroom. Our platform empowers SEL, allows teachers to check in with their students' emotional wellbeing, and most important does this in a way that engages kids with self-directed learning. 

If you have any further questions about Champion Life can deliver Social and Emotional Learning for your school, please reach out to our Director of Partnerships, Tim Mahony via email on tim@championlife.com.au