Transform your classroom with just one program

Champion Life helps schools strengthen the mental and physical wellbeing of their students. Movement, mentoring and monitoring come together in one convenient digital tool.

  • Movement: Short videos to get students active.
  • Monitoring: Daily student wellbeing check-ins
  • Mentoring: Videos presented by relatable role models.

Schools are using Champion Life to support students across the nation

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Here’s how Champion Life works

Champion Life is a curriculum-aligned health and physical education resource. Use it during regular classroom activities, whenever it works best for you and your students.

One positive day at a time, Champion Life facilitates the development of lifelong healthy habits.


Follow-along videos make movement fun and create positive associations with physical activity.


Real-life, community role models present videos, encouraging students to embrace healthy habits.


Wellbeing check-ins provide real-time data for teachers and principals about how students feel.

Boost student wellbeing in minutes

Champion Life is practical and easy to use in classrooms. All you need is just ten minutes, a tablet and an interactive whiteboard.

Empower students today

See Champion Life in action!

Get moving for mental health

83% of students experienced an improvement in mood using Champion Life.

Supercharge your classroom with Champion Life

Improve confidence and concentration

Movement has immediate positive effects on student mood. Keep your students engaged and focused on classroom learning.

Manage classroom behaviour

Bursts of movement can help manage energy levels in the classroom. Energise or calm your students, helping them transition between activities.

Track student wellbeing

Daily wellbeing check-ins ensure your students feel cared for and heard. With wellbeing data, you can provide individualised and appropriate support when it's needed.

Maximise your teaching time

Champion Life fits easily into regular classroom activities. Just 5 minutes of activity can elevate classroom productivity across a whole day.

What schools say about Champion Life

“Once the students have listened to the Role Models tip, I have been asking them to create their own tip. I want them to start piecing together what they think can help other people. Especially if they are not great at physical activity, they are able to work together and help others in something they themselves embrace.”
Chris Boulay
Teacher at Marangaroo Primary School
“We will complete a class Challenge then I will let the students Check-In on my ipad and we will upload the video. Then we critique who had the best technique and why.”
Chris Boulay
Teacher at Marangaroo Primary School
“It’s something that every child feels like they are succeeding with without being compared to someone else. It’s not about getting first place, it allows every child to feel that success which is what I think makes it really beneficial in the classroom. And I absolutely love the Role Model tips. For the last 3 weeks whatever the tip has been, it has been relevant to the kids and opened up really good discussion.”
Liz Waddell
Teacher at Alkimos Primary School
“The students love that the Role Models are everyday people. They loved the fact that there was a student in year 9 doing it, they loved seeing a refugee doing it and they loved the fact that there were ordinary workers doing it. Normal people, making it more relevant and makes the students listen more and start to realise that anybody can be a Role Model. This opened a lot of discussion about things we are able to do in our lives and things that these Role Model’s can help us with.”
Liz Waddell
Teacher at Alkimos Primary School
“I guess for me it makes my day start easier. Whether the students have had a bad morning or a difficult start to the day, by doing Champion Life we can get them fired up and ready to learn. By doing Challenges and Body Sets, it really helps get their brains ready and energised. It is a very important part of the day.”
Kylee Martin
Teacher at South Lake Primary School
From a teaching perspective, it sets my class up for a happy day and my class is really looking forward to this term and beginning the program again. I have seen the confidence they have gained in trying new activities just by the sheer volume of activities they can get through each week without having to be prompted or asked. I really like the smiley face feedback and it has prompted some great mental health discussions when I get the report about how they are feeling at the daily check in.
Amanda Melkert
Teacher at Mandurah Catholic College
My Year 5 class have loved completing the Body Sets and challenges. I get asked by my students every day about when we are doing Champion Life! I find it a valuable part of my daily program program as the activities are well suited to the students in my class. They are excited to see some of the presenters such as Danny Green. They always complete the activities with great enthusiasm and this program has improved the overall morale of my class.
Cheryl McIntyre
Teacher at Allendale Primary School
“When the kids come into school, they Check-in straight away. From the minute they walk in the door they are asking me ‘What's the Body Set for today?’. It has become an important part of our routine.“
Liz Waddell
Teacher at Alkimos Primary School

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  • 200+ real-life role models delivering virtual activities and life tips.
  • Wellbeing Monitor where students can self-assess their feelings.
  • Teacher and school leader dashboard for student wellbeing overview.

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