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Champion Life is a positive solution to boost student mental and physical health and a monitoring system that tracks student’s wellbeing throughout the year to deliver actionable insights for teachers and school leaders.

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Through our online platform we deliver;



Inspiring content from virtual community role models whose diversity and relatability promote positive connections and encourage student wellbeing.



Our role models deliver daily guided physical activity "brain-break" videos called Body Sets giving students a 5-minute endorphin boost allowing them to "re-set" their brain and body for the rest of the day.



Students ‘check-in’ before and after activities. The Student Wellbeing Monitor accesses these check-in’s and provides data that can be tracked over time, allowing teachers to identify student wellbeing trends over time.

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• Access to our Body Sets library and Wellbeing Monitor for 4 weeks from a start date of your choosing.
• Teacher and principal dashboard demonstrating engagement and student wellbeing overview.

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