An Introduction To Champion Life

Champion Life is a curriculum aligned online resource for schools that motivates and supports students to form lifelong health, fitness and wellbeing habits. 

Champion Life measurably improves student health, fitness and mental wellbeing providing schools with a simple and cost-effective way to achieve curriculum requirements in Health & Physical Education. We deliver valuable cross-curricular outcomes through student-driven resources that also reduces the teacher workload.

We do this by empowering activity

Champion Life is an online Health, Physical Education and Wellbeing program, fully aligned with the National Curriculum, for Years 4 - 6. 
Designed to complement and enhance schools' HPE programs and deliver cross-curricular outcomes, Champion Life uses a diverse range of real-life Australian role models to educate and inspire students to explore, discover and experience how to enhance their own and others' health and wellbeing.

Content delivered by real-life community role models…

Wait…. Who or What Are Role models?

Role models influence and effectiveness in changing health-related behaviour are well recognised - Champion Life make use of this by incorporating ‘Role Models’ into our program. Champion Life's "real-life" role models provide ideal figures for students to aspire towards and familiar figures for students to emulate. Their diversity in age, gender, ethnicity, knowledge, skills and personality caters for the diversity of characteristics in participating students. 

Being able to relate to the role models or hold them in high esteem, helps students to engage with Champion Life material and embrace positive health and wellbeing practices. 

How does it work? 

Our role models deliver a variety of Challenges (physical, mental, social and emotional) via video on the platform to students and once students provide evidence of their learning experience by practising, videoing and uploading their own version of the challenge, we offer reward videos, to positively reinforce their development of lifelong healthy behaviours. Each week students complete 5 engaging challenges. 

Champion Wellbeing.

Champion Life also includes a Wellbeing Monitor which presents a  snapshot of students' emotional wellbeing. Students submit a self-reported indication of their emotional status which is mapped over time and communicated to their teachers. Children are capable and reliable contributors in wellbeing initiatives centred on themselves. Our Wellbeing Monitor offers students a non-threatening means of communicating their emotional state and provides an avenue for accessing support. It also provides principals and teachers a tool to assist in detecting when students need particular support. 

"We believe everyone is a champion and we champion the value of fun, moderate activity and healthy behaviours for life-long wellbeing  and a positive mindset."