The Health Journey

“The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.”
- Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu must have been onto something there because folks have been quoting him ever since circa 6th century BC. Another one of his gems is Great acts are made up of small deeds.

Consider your “journey”, your “great act” as living a life of optimal health and wellbeing and fulfilling your great potential… a champion life!
There is an absolute mountain of information, organisations, research, trends and experts spouting who/what/where/why/how we should achieve this worthy goal of optimal health.

It’s an awful lot to take in and commit to all at once. Regular exercise, good nutrition, adequate sleep, reduced stress and anxiety, responsible use of alcohol, healthy relationships, etc…etc…. It can honestly be overwhelming at times!

But if we break it down, focus on Lao Tzu’s “single step”, the “small deed”….that’s doable! Actually, it’s more than just achievable. That immediate focus can make healthy choices and healthy behaviours engaging, exciting and simple. The very ancient and now very modern practice of mindfulness, attending to the present, assimilates beautifully with this approach to living a champion life.

Yes, it’s useful to see the big picture and understand there are processes involved and perplexities to be encountered in the pursuit of optimal health and wellbeing. But if we deliberately focus on the here and now, what we can choose and do today, we’re more likely to take that “single step.” And that can be so empowering….gets you thinking “Well done, me! I might try that again tomorrow!”

Champion Life’s vision is to empower you, your students, their families and communities, to live well and flourish.

So our Challenges and Body Sets are simple, fun and engaging! Everyone can give them a go and experience unique success - that success and the next Challenge or Body Set is a great combination to motivate you to do it again and again and again. 
Everyone (including you!), can take a “single step” today! 

Start living a champion life!