Champion Life in Schools

Champion Life is an online Health, Physical Education and Wellbeing resource for schools, fully aligned to the Australian curriculum. 

Champion Life consists of 4 elements built on a foundation of content delivered by "real-life" role models. Champion Life role models provide ideal figures for students to aspire to and familiar figures for students to emulate. Their diversity in age, gender, ethnicity, knowledge, skills and personality caters for the diversity of characteristics in participating students. Being able to relate to the role models or hold them in high esteem, helps students to engage with the Champion Life resource and embrace positive health and wellbeing practices. 

What does Champion Life offer to support and improve whole school wellbeing? 

  • Our role models deliver a variety of Challenges by video through the Champion Life platform (physical, health, mental, social and emotional). 
  • Students provide evidence of their learning experience by practising, videoing and uploading their own version of the challenge and are rewarded with positive life messages from our role models. 
Body Sets 
  • 90 second to 3 minutes, in-class video activity breaks presented by an influential role model and concluding with a positive life message that relates to physical or mental health. 
  • Body Sets energise or calm students at any chosen time throughout the day. 
Wellbeing monitor
  • Students check in to our emoji wellbeing monitor prior to, and after their Challenges or Body Sets. 
  • This presents teachers with an overview of students self-reported emotional status that is mapped over time and summarised for teachers each week. Automatic alerts are sent to teachers when poor wellbeing is reported. 
Principal, teacher and staff wellbeing portals
  • When whole communities adopt healthy habits together there is a greater chance of long-term success. Principals, teachers and support staff who value and look after their health and wellbeing are more effective in their roles. 

By delivering content tailored to everyone within the school community, Champion Life supports schools in developing a "whole school" culture of health and wellbeing.

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