Champion Life uses physical activity as a “superpower” to boost student’s mental and physical health through a curriculum-aligned, online resource for schools.

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We deliver whole-school wellbeing through


facilitated by daily guided physical activity videos. Periods of activity improve brain function, focus and blood circulation, leading to more engaged learners


from “real-life” community role models whose diversity and relatability promote positive connections. These “virtual mentors” encourage students to embrace positive health and wellbeing practices


before and after activity wellbeing check-ins for students that are tracked over the year and act as an additional wellbeing identification tool for teachers

Supporting and improving student wellbeing takes consistent action. One positive day at a time, Champion Life facilitates the development of lifelong healthy habits through three core elements.

Body Sets K-8

  1. Take a break

    90 second to 3 minute, in-class video activity breaks led by our role models that conclude with a positive life message relating to mental health, physical health or wellbeing.

  2. Re-engage

    Launch into school work with a fresh mind and a fresh approach!

  3. Feel good

    Body Sets can be used any time teachers want to set the tone for their next lesson, while delivering valuable health and wellbeing lessons.

  1. Check-in with your feelings

    Students check into our emoji wellbeing monitor prior to, and after their Challenges or Body Sets

  2. Track emotional status

    Teachers receive students' self-reported emotional status that is mapped over time and summarised each week.

  3. Be in the loop

    Automatic alerts are sent to teachers when poor wellbeing is reported.

  1. Watch & Learn

    Our "real-life" role models deliver a variety of Challenges (physical, health, mental, social and emotional)

  2. Practice, record, upload

    Students provide evidence of their learning experience by practising, videoing and uploading their own version of the Challenge.

  3. Be rewarded

    Students are rewarded with positive life messages from our role models.

Why is Champion Life great?


We are motivating and inspiring through technology and promote realistic role models to engage children and families and drive positive change.


We teach skills and knowledge to support mental and physical wellbeing through our curriculum-aligned resource for schools.


Everyone can be a champion as we challenge students to have a go with fun and interesting physical and health challenges.


Health, fitness and wellbeing are the foundation of a positive life. One daily, positive interaction at a time we support schools to measurably improve whole-school wellbeing.

Supporting TEACHERS

  • Easy to implement! Students can engage with the platform at home or at school, whatever suits you best
  • Minimal teacher time required on an easy to use platform with ongoing support
  • Only a few minutes of dashboard review each week gives valuable student wellbeing insights
Teachers Portal!
Monitor student activity in an easy to use portal
Monitor student activity in an easy to use portal

Fun for students

  • Engaging practical learning experiences deliver critical content
  • Effort and ‘having a go’ is rewarded, which cultivates students’ confidence
  • Passionate role models support and inspire students to value their own health & wellbeing
  • Positive competition and gamification ensure that students stay engaged
  • Healthier, fitter, more engaged students flourish at school and in life
Watch the fun!
One of our amazing Role Models


  • Increases daily physical activity
  • Addresses all aspects of health & wellbeing
  • Build a positive feedback loop for students
  • Tracks and supports student wellbeing and physical literacy through Yrs 4-8
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“I’ve learned from the Role Model tips that if you make a mistake it's not the end of the world, we all make mistakes in life.
Alkimos Primary School Student

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