Student and School Wellbeing

in times of crisis and beyond

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Health and wellbeing is on everyone’s mind right now. Supporting students to be physically active at school and at home is one of the best ways to support the mind, body, emotions and build resilience. 

Champion Life is a curriculum aligned online resource for schools. We motivate and support students to develop lifelong health, fitness and wellbeing habits. We’re 100% online and can perfectly facilitate ‘at home’ learning with minimum disruptions. 

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Our Goal is

Student Wellbeing and Education Continuity

With the possibility of many schools facing extended holidays or short term closures, Champion Life is encouraging you to remain positive. It’s a big challenge, we know, but we also know that one of the most powerful vessels to keeping healthy and happy is through moderate activity and exercise. Champion Life makes that easy and FUN!

Student Wellbeing and Education Continuity
Made for educators

Made for educators 

Champion Life’s 100% online delivery allows learning continuation and wellbeing support during school closures and beyond.

  • Simple setup and interface to add new students
  • New role model led programs added regularly
  • No teacher training needed, easy to implement in class and at home 

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Compelling Reasons to Implement Champion Life in your school community 

  1. Available anywhere there is wifi
  2. Fun and engaging activity for student and teachers resulting in measurable improvements to student wellbeing 
  3. Accessible using home computer or a school device
  4. Fast set up and easy teacher onboarding, plus regular information webinars allows seamless implementation 
  5. Teachers can view student videos remotely and monitor wellbeing check ins providing positive connection during home learning 
  6. Our parent portal means that families can support their child's Champion Life journey 

Students love Champion Life and we have a dedicated educator support team to ensure your teachers and students can make the most of our program so that your school benefits in the short, medium and long term!

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