Providing positive role models is one of the single most powerful ways to foster healthy lifestyle choices in children. Role models support the development of attitudes and competencies that foster self and social awareness and the abilities to manage one’s own and others’ emotions and behaviour, make responsible decisions, and nurture positive relationships.

Success looks different for everyone

Our role models are as diverse as our students because every child deserves to see themselves in their mentors.


“Always remember why you want to be healthy and fit. Don’t just do it because adults tell you to. Think about what health and fitness can do for you in the long-run and that should give you motivation whenever you’re feeling tired.”
Yash Dutt
Teenage Founder & CEO
“Getting enough sleep at night and making sure you eat lots of the good foods will ensure that you have the energy and motivation to be fit and healthy.”
Emma Wilkes
Education Student
“I love to be fit and healthy because it allows me to enjoy my life to the fullest.”
Emma Wilkes
Education Student
“There are so many amazing Role Models featured! It shows the kids that you could have any job in the world but you still need to maintain fitness and your mental wellbeing. I believe this is what makes you a whole person and it is really beneficial that the kids are learning this on a daily basis through the program. It has even sparked a few conversations about their careers and real-life experience”
Spring Hill Primary School
“The more specific your goals are, the easier it will be to plan and fulfil them.”
Iris Lin
Speech Pathology Student
“Sometimes it takes a while to see improvement and we can feel like we aren’t getting anywhere. Or sometimes we are sick or injured and its harder to get moving. But no matter how small, there is always something we can do to get happier and healthier. It’s the little things that add up!”
Monique Murphy
Paralympic Silver Medallist
“Start learning how to cook from a young age! It’s such an important life skill because eating nutritious home-cooked meals really improves all aspects of your life.”
Madison Lucas
Oz Harvest Employee
“One Role Model told me that you don't have to be perfect at everything you do in order to accomplish it, you just have to keep on trying.”
Marangaroo Primary School
“While it’s a good idea to set aside time to study and do homework, it’s also important to have time for your friends, family and yourself and to make sure you’re doing the things you enjoy.”
Tamika Seeto
“I believe that being active impacts all other areas of life. My training allows me to have a more focused mindset throughout my workday and keeps my energy levels up.”
Laura Newton
Physical Education Teacher
“Once the students have listened to the Role Models tip, I have been asking them to create their own tip. I want them to start piecing together what they think can help other people. Especially if they are not great at physical activity, they are able to work together and help others in something they themselves embrace.”
Chris Boulay
Teacher at Marangaroo Primary School
“Champion Life has something that I have never seen before in my life after being a teacher for 32 years. It allows us to use technology to connect with children and all the children can participate. It's lovely starting every school day with a positive message from a Role Model and seeing the kids reflecting on that.”
Spring Hill Primary School
“Be kind to one another and spend as much time as you can with the people you care about.”
Emma Wilkes
Education Student
“I enjoy staying fit and healthy because I feel more energised in my daily life to complete other tasks. It keeps me sharp and alert, and it develops my mental strength and increases my level of awareness.”
Iris Lin
Speech Pathology Student