As a social enterprise, Champion Life has a mission to make a long term, positive impact on the mental and physical health of young people.

Champion Life produces these results for students, teachers and the entire school community when it is implemented across all year levels and used by all students on a regular basis..

To make sure everyone regularly participates, Champion Life is flexible and super easy to implement. It takes very little time each week, making sure to respect teacher’s existing workloads. 

Before you check out each feature in depth, please consider our recommended steps to get the most out of Champion Life.


Our Role Models encourage children towards greater mental and physical wellbeing.

Providing positive role models is one of the single most powerful factors in fostering a child’s development towards adult health and wellbeing.

The foundation of Champion Life is guided video content delivered by real-life community role models whose diversity and relatability reflects the diversity of our students and their interests.

Our role models are from all walks of life. They value their mental and physical health and want young people to do the same. We are backed up by experts across the fields of child and adolescent psychology, health and education who all advocate providing positive role models as one of the single most powerful factors in fostering a child’s development towards adult health and wellbeing.

Champion Life deliberately puts a diverse range of positive role models in students’ path on a daily basis to help deliver the positive health and wellbeing messages you want them to absorb.

“Champion Life has something that I have never seen before in my life after being a teacher for 32 years. It allows us to use technology to connect with children and all the children can participate. It's lovely starting every school day with a positive message from a Role Model and seeing the kids reflecting on that.”

Principal NSW


Body Sets


Our role models guide students through mini activity “brain-breaks” each day.

Body Sets deliver an active movement break in the form of a follow-along video for K-8 students. Each Body Set concludes with a wellbeing tip from our role models. The Body Set video of the day is delivered by email every morning and teachers can also log in to access our full Body Set library anytime. They're a great way to energise or calm students, preparing them for their day or next lesson. Teachers using Champion Life have noted a marked improvement in the class atmosphere after using Body Sets and students have let us know that after a Body Set they feel 'ready to learn'.

“It's great to see every single kid get up and complete the Body Sets, even the usually less motivated ones. There's no bullying, they just get up, have a go and make a bit of noise together while doing some exercise.”
Teacher, Tasmania


Challenges ask students to go one step further, watch the activity, practice and upload their own version to our secure platform.

Challenges are our core program designed especially for the upper primary years. These are the years when experiencing positive relationships, being genuinely engaged in learning and developing high self-esteem have a major and lasting impact on each young person and is an ideal time to introduce a greater focus on and support to develop the healthy habits that will support them in life.

Challenges include 6 weeks of content that can be completed over the term allowing students to practice role model-led activities then record and upload their own efforts to our secure online portal or app. On completion of their challenge students are rewarded with positive messages from our role models and can gain extra points by completing “extension” challenges.

Champion Life features Role Models throughout. Allowing students to engage with a positive influence that encourages them towards greater mental and physical wellbeing.

“Champion Life offers different ways to get moving, some are physical breaks and some are mental. It develops their skillset as it gives them more opportunities to experience exercise and wellbeing to the standard running outside and kicking the footy
… and they love the element of videoing their Challenge and uploading it” Teacher, WA


The Wellbeing Monitor


The Wellbeing Monitor ties everything together allowing students to rate their mood before and after Challenges or Body Sets.

The Wellbeing Monitor is available for years 4 - 8 and delivers a simple, before and after activity “check-in” system captures the emotional state of students and tracks it over time. Over 80% of students report an improved mood state after being active which highlights the link between physical activity and mental health in a student’s mind, giving them a lifelong tool to support their mental health.

“It is great because it allows the students to have privacy. Sometimes they put on a cloak saying everything is fine and everything is great when really they aren't feeling too good and won't discuss this until they feel as if they are in a safe, private and comfortable environment. For me to then be able to instantly track this and provide the students with the correct aid, makes Champion Life’s Wellbeing Monitor a really powerful tool.”

Teacher, NSW

Actionable Data

The wellbeing data generated from regular student engagement is tracked giving actionable insights on an individual and school basis throughout the year.

Check-ins collected from the Wellbeing Monitor presents a snapshot of students’ emotional wellbeing on an individual, class and school basis. This data is collated and mapped over time and accessible to teachers, school leaders and wellbeing or pastoral care teams. The Check-in tab on teacher’s dashboards allows them to see an overview of each student’s self-reported wellbeing over the week, term and year. Automatic alerts are sent to teachers when poor wellbeing is reported, providing the opportunity for teachers to reach out and check-in. The data collected through the Wellbeing Monitor also serves as a valuable resource for school leaders to monitor and assess wellbeing and wellbeing interventions over each school year.

“The chance to give us a platform to actually check in to the students well being. The 5-star emoji scale allows the whole school to put their finger on the pulse of any issue regarding a students wellbeing.”

Deputy Principal - WA


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