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Champion Life - Family program

Supporting our kids with physical activity is one of the best ways to support their mind, body, emotional wellbeing, and resilience.

Champion Life is a curriculum aligned online physical activity and health resource for schools - however, now that we are all supervising home learning we have made our program directly available for individual use! This gives your child the opportunity to participate in quality, evidence-based physical activity each day.

6 Benefits of Champion Life During Home-Schooling

    Microactivity between learning periods is proven to revitalise students and get them primed for their next block. Periods of activity improve brain function, focus and blood circulation, leading to improved lesson performance.
    Champion Life Role Models provide ideal figures for students to aspire to and emulate. Their diversity in age, gender, ethnicity, knowledge and skills
    caters for the diversity of characteristics in participating students. Positive Role Models help students to engage with the Champion Life resource and embrace positive health and wellbeing practices.
    Health, fitness and wellbeing are the foundations of a positive life. Champion Life delivers quality health & physical education as well as measurably improving your child's emotional and physical well being.
    Competition and gamification ensure that children engage with not only the Champion Life material but the entire 'home-learning' experience and stay focused.
    While social distancing is in place parents are having to fulfil roles they never imagined. Champion Life is super easy, we offer support and can get you up and running quickly - saving you time and your sanity.
    Champion Life offers a 'student check-in' before and after each activity. 82% of kids report feeling better after being physically active illuminating the link between physical activity and good mental health. For parents it provides the opportunity to monitor the emotional wellbeing of their children and acts as a catalyst for positive wellbeing conversations.

Champion Life is suitable for children aged 8 -14 and has 6 weeks of set content that can be completed over an 8 week period!

What will your child get when you sign up for Champion Life?

  • Be Challenged

  • Practice & Upload

  • Be Rewarded

  • Improve Wellbeing

  • See Benefits for All

1. Challenges

WATCH: 2 Challenges per week are presented on video by our role models and students complete one free choice “Freestyle” Challenge.

The set Challenges have two parts.

Base: The main activity to be learned

Extension:An opportunity to extend effort and learning with a more challenging activity to follow on from the first

RESPOND: Your child watchespractises and uploads their own response video to each of the Challenges

FEEDBACK:You watch and respond to their videos to give positive feedback and complete the learning loop!

2: Wellbeing Monitor

A simple before and after activity emoji “check in” system captures the emotional state of your child pre and post activity. Over 80% of kids feel better after completing a Challenge and that illuminates the positive link between physical activity and mental health. Your Parent Account allows you to review your child’s check in each day and see how they are travelling over the course of the week, month and term.

3: Body Sets

3-5 minute follow-along video activity breaks. They give kids an endorphin boost and help “re-set” the brain and body for the rest of the day. Parents will be emailed the Body Set of the day each morning and you can also access any of our 80+ Body Sets through your account.

“It’s been a huge adjustment having to be responsible for my kids home learning on top of already working full-time. Champion Life has been a massive relief and help for me to keep them active without taking up too much of my own time. As an extra bonus they love the whole experience and have even started telling me some of the role model tips - I’m learning new things myself!”

Grant Shankster


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